The Ingredients

Thanks to the high-quality ingredients, Speedbronzer lotions both create an even, streak-free tan and sustainably nourish the skin. The combination of the two sugar-based ingredients, DHA and Erythrulose, produce a quickly visible and yet long-lasting tan. The nourishing ingredients of Aloe Vera and Panthenol provide the skin with intensive moisture and make the skin look more even.

  • DHA – the classic ingredient of self-tanning lotions

    The carbohydrate Dihydroxyaceton combines with the protein molecules in the top layer of the skin. This leads to the formation of brown-coloured pigments, so-called melanoids. An even-looking tan is visible after just a few hours.

  • Erythrulose – the secret of the sugarcane

    The natural self-tanner Erythrulose comes from sugarcane and ensures a long-lasting, streak-free tan. The extract reacts with the amino acids in the upper layer of the skin, forming melanoids. This reaction is visible after just a few hours, but is only fully complete after up to two days. The slower tanning process ensures a deeper, long-lasting tan.

  • Aloe Vera

    Nourishing and moisturising effect for soothing stressed skin. Protects skin from dehydration and regulates skin moisture.

  • Panthenol

    Soothes reddend and stressed skin by rebuilding the natural skin barrier and supporting regeneration. Attracts water and binds the moisture in the