Speedbronzer offers an extensive product range for achieving the perfect tan. The focus is on the Spray Tan lotions which come in four types, each suited to a different skin type. The lotions are clear bronzers whose tanning effect is not immediate, but visible only after 6-8 hours. The result is perfected with the Direct Tan Bronzing Concentrate. This body make-up is mixed with the tan lotion and creates the immediate effect of the spray tan. For the optimal, even application of the lotion, there are various, specially developed devices to choose from, depending on the area and scope of application.

Spray Tan Lotion – the right tone for your skin type
You can of course use all four of the Speedbronzer lotions on any skin type, depending on the desired level of tanning. For the most natural looking results, however, we recommend considering your own skin type and shade.

Nordik Bronzer

produkt-nordic-bronzerNordic Bronzer – this light lotion creates a subtle tan that looks like you have been out on a sunny summer’s day, making it ideal for light skin tones.

European Bronzer

produkt-european-bronzerEuropean Bronzer – this lotion gives light to medium skin tones a natural tan that looks like you’ve had a short break somewhere sunny.

Spanish Bronzer

produkt-spanish-bronzerSpanish Bronzer – this dark lotion gives an impressive tan that looks as though you have been on holiday in the south, and is therefore suitable for medium to darker skin tones.

Brazillian Bronzer

produkt-brazillian-bronzerBrazilian Bronzer – the strongest lotion gives dark skin tones an intensive tan and gives you a brown complexion that looks as though you have had an extended holiday in the South Seas.

Speedbronzer Devices

The specially designed Speedbronzer devices are exactly aligned for an even application of the Speedbronzer lotions with the high volume low pressure system.

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Tinted Self-Tanning Spray

spray-produkteThe Speedbronzer Self-Tanning Spray was created for your spontaneous tanning needs. It provides the exclusive quality of the Speedbronzer lotions but with practical self-application, and is therefore perfect for when you need to look tanned quickly.

The particularly fine spray and anti-striping formula meet the highest requirements for an intensive and even-coloured tan. Erythrulose extract and a well-balanced DHA content ensure an even-coloured, natural tan, whilst Aloe Vera and Panthenol provide the skin with valuable moisture. The body make-up guarantees an immediate tan with a wow effect, straight after application. The full, long-lasting tanning effect is visible after 6 hours.

Ideal for when you’re on the go and on holiday, or when you want to top your tan up until your next Speedbronzer appointment.