• How does Speedbronzer work?

    The Speedbronzer tanning lotion is evenly applied over the whole body or just the desired body area using a spray gun. The innovative Magnetic Bronzing System ensures that the lotion is attracted directly to the skin as if by a magnet, which reduces unpleasant, wet spray.

  • Who is Speedbronzer suitable for?

    Speedbronzer is suitable for anyone who wants a fast, even, yet natural-looking tan and who doesn’t want exposure to UV radiation. Thanks to the clearly visible tanning result within 24 hours, Speedbronzer applications are also particularly well-suited to events such as weddings or evening events.

  • Does Speedbronzer have any harmful ingredients?

    All Speedbronzer products are dermatologically tested and therefore free from harmful ingredients. The two tanning ingredients – DHA and Erythrulose – are extracted from sugar and react with the protein molecules in the top layer of the skin. This leads to the formation of brown-coloured pigments – so-called melanoids. This reaction is complete after 8-10 hours and produces a natural, gentle tanning of the skin. Speedbronzer lotions also contain high-quality Panthenol and Aloe Vera, which comprehensively nourish and moisturise the skin.

  • Why is body make-up also applied?

    The Speedbronzer Lotions are transparent and produce no immediate tanning of the skin. To ensure an immediate tanning effect and an even application, the lotions are therefore mixed with the Direct Tan Bronzing Concentrate. This application is only superficial, however, and is washed away after the next shower, leaving visible the actual, long-lasting tanning effect.

  • Does the tan really look natural?

    The fine, uniform spraying of the lotion prevents tanning stripes or patches. The result is an even-looking tan, like what you see after a relaxed sunbathing session. For an even more natural effect, the fingernails on the hands and feet, as well as the palms of your hands, have sun blocker applied to them before the treatment to prevent them from taking on the tan.

  • How long does the tan last?

    Depending on skin type and activity level, the results of the Speedbronzer application last up to 10 days. The duration of the tan can be affected by regular showering or swimming, strong perspiration, or sporting activities. Frequent shaving, scrubs, alcohol-based care products and hair removal creams can also have an effect on the duration of the tan.

  • Is the intensity of the tan always the same?

    To cover all skin types, there are four different Speedbronzer lotions. These vary in the concentration of the self-tanner and therefore in the intensity of the resulting tan. From Nordic to Brazilian – there’s the right tone for everyone. The lotion used is always selected according to your skin type and how tanned you wish to be.

  • What do I need to do before my Speedbronzer application?

    A scrub should be carried out before the Speedbronzer application to ensure an even and long-lasting tan. This uniformly removes dead skin cells, giving the skin maximum receptivity to the tanning lotion. No body lotion or facial cream should be used between the scrub and the tanning application. Perfume, deodorant and make-up should be removed just before the application.

  • Will Speedbronzer Lotion leave blotches on my clothes?

    The Speedbronzer Lotions are colourless and leave no blotches on clothes. However, the body make-up is usually mixed as a lotion with the Direct Tan Bronzing Concentrate. As this is only superficially present on the skin, your clothes and bedding, etc., may discolour. We therefore recommend you wear loose, dark clothes for your Speedbronzer application. If stains do arise, these can easily be removed by washing.

  • Is there anything I should be aware of after the Speedbronzer application?

    The full effect of the Speedbronzer Lotion only develops in the 24 hours after application. Therefore, you should avoid contact with water for at least 6 hours afterwards – avoid showering or perspiring profusely. After the tan emerges fully, we recommend you regularly use one of the rich Tannymaxx moisturisers to keep the skin sufficiently moisturised and to make the tan look more even and radiant. A scrub should only be done before the next Speedbronzer application. If you wish to intensify the tanning result, we recommend you use a Tannymaxx Bronzer.

  • Does Speedbronzer also protect against UV rays?

    Even though your skin looks wonderfully tanned after the Speedbronzer treatment, you must still use your regular UV protection when sunbathing. The Speedbronzer lotions do not contain sun protection.